Learn how to plan your wedding using my proven wedding planning framework. The Bridal Method is a comprehensive online course that walks you through the planning from beginning to end and  step-by-step. 
 TBM will allow you to:
-Access my planning strategies
-Escape planning pitfalls 
-Avoid costly mistakes
-Navigate the wedding industry to get the most for your budget

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I’m so excited you are here and ready to rock the sh*t out of your wedding planning!

Creator of The Bridal Method, Pro Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Logistics Nerd, Unapologetic Perfectionist, and Your #1 Hype Girl.

I’m Kimberly Hensley…


And for literally less than the cost of your bouquet, you can get that peace of mind and expertise, all in one place.

You can’t afford to risk your once-in-a-lifetime day simply because you didn’t enlist a pro to help. It’s freakin’ pricey, I get it—but this is your solution.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels, wasting hours on Google trying to piece together every little bit of the puzzle—because I’ve done it for you.

You only get married once, babe.

How to manage the intricate logistics so everything goes flawlessly as possible

Where to save and where to splurge to get exactly what you want (and more)

How to review your wedding contracts to protect your biggest investment to date

The red flags when searching for vendors and reassurance of when to trust your gut

How to get organized and stay organized (with all the tools to do so) so you don’t miss any BIG or SMALL details—which I’ll be honest, is going to save you a hella lot of stress

How to design with ease to bring your vision to life including my strategy to getting the most decor for my clients budgets

How to build a flawless timeline from the beginning of the day to the end-including a customizable timeline template.














Some of the things you will learn in TBM 

Inside TBM I'm going to teach you the wedding industry know-how in one simple resource that’s easy to follow. Every single detail is laid out, step-by-step, with what you need to know.

TBM provides the framework for planning your wedding

No B.S., just a step-by-step actionable planning process that will walk you straight towards that aisle.

TBM’s #1 goal is to make wedding planning straightforward and simple.

A premade budget tracker template that you can simply plug and play— all packed with my personal budgeting tips so you can afford everything you want, and more!

Customizable timeline, guest list, wedding party and vendor tracker so you have everything organized like a type A wedding planner overnight.

Access to all my professional planning and budgeting tips that have come from 10+ years of experience—planner know-how without the planner price tag, y’all! 







A no-fluff, self-led approach to planning your wedding day!

16 actionable & bite-sized sections to help you plan from A to Z. Everything from creating your timeline to having a final walkthrough, and everything in between. 

All my tried-and-true templates, checklists, and tips that I use daily with my wedding planning clients—so, in other words, I know this sh*t works!

A 100% digital resource so you can plan anywhere, anytime, with ease.









The Bridal Method includes:

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✔️ Setting Boundaries
✔️ Timeline, Templates and More
✔️ Vendor & Venue Research
✔️ Reviews Don’t Lie
✔️ Vendor Contracts 101
✔️ Vendor Contract Checklist

Getting organized

Sample Section

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✔️ TBM Design Process Explained
✔️ Picking your Color Palette
✔️ The Design Meeting
✔️ Florist & Rentals
✔️ Floral Mockups 101 and Why You Need This
✔️ Floral Money Savers
✔️ Floor Plans, Tables & Linens
✔️ The Bridal Method Design Checklist
✔️ Florist & Rental Questionnaires

The Bridal Method Design Process

Sample Section

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✔️Final RSVP Stalking
✔️Seating Your Guest
✔️Cross Those T’s-Wrapping it Up with Your Vendors
✔️Wedding Rehearsal 101

The Finish Line

Sample Section

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✔️ Editable 12-month Planning Calendar
✔️ Budget Sample packed with Budgeting tips
✔️ Editable Budget-Create your own budget
✔️ Guest Tracker
✔️ Vendor Tracker
✔️ Wedding Party Tracker


Want to take a peek inside?

Let's Get You Down the Aisle Knowing you Have it All Covered. 

Are you ready to become your own wedding planner?

With each template, you can customize the print size, fonts, colors, and add your own elements to match your colors and design scheme. 

This is the simplest way to add your signature personality to your decor. It’s easy-peasy, and literally, anyone can do it. No expensive designer required!

Welcome Signage
Seating Chart
Signature Drink or Bar Menu 
Table Numbers
Cards and Gifts Signage
Guest Book Signage

To save you about a million and one hours of Etsy searches and back-and-forth convos with a designer, we have a bonus bundle for you, babe! This customizable wedding signage bundle offers templates including:

Customizable Canva Wedding Signage & Stationery Bundle ($80.00+ Value!)

Bonus two -

Yep, that’s right babe! As a #TBM bride you get exclusive access to a private coaching Facebook group filled with other brides and moi, yours truly. 

With this exclusive bonus, you’re getting access to my 10+ years of wedding planning prowess for FREE with your TBM investment!! 

Each week I will be present in the group to provide more planning advice, tips, and answer your burning planning questions. Imagine having a pro to answer those questions that keep you up at night! We can plan your big day together, step-by-step, without missing any pretty lil’ details.

Bonus one -

Oh, and Did I Mention, as a Bonus You Get Direct Access to Yours Truly!?

But wait...there are bonuses...


Planners are expensive. And sometimes not in the cards for all couples in terms of budget. Or, in other cases, you want to do it yourself, but you want to do it right (hell yeah, babe!). Either way, TBM ties up my 10+ years of planning expertise into a pretty little bow, without the cost of my planning services. A win-win for all TBM couples!

Get Professional Planning Guidance Without the Cost of a Professional.

With TBM it’s possible to plan your wedding with one main resource and reduce all the hours spent researching. Plus, I share all my exclusive money-saving tips so you can have your dream day on budget, too!

Regain Your Time & Save Money.

This resource will help you eliminate the confusion that often comes with planning a wedding. TBM is laid out in a way that leads you through planning from start to finish, so you always know the next to-do.

 Know Exactly What You Need to Do Next.

In The Bridal Method, I share my 10+ years of planning knowledge which is like having a professional planner by your side. With this guidance you’ll feel confident that every decision you’re making is the right one for you and your partner!

Feel Fully Confident in Your Wedding Decisions.

Imagine What it Would Feel Like To…

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If you’re any of these bride types, the answer is a HELL YES!

Wondering if The Bridal Method is right for you?


Regardless of the way you like to plan, having The Bridal Method by your side will ensure your day (and the pre-planning) is smooth sailing from start to finish, kicking off your happily ever after on a high note!

You’re a typical Type A, rigidly organized, anxious, and proactive bride. You want EVERYTHING to be perfect, and you want to keep a firm grip on everything.

Why TBM is Perfect for You: With checklists for everything you can think of, as well as instructions and guidelines that you can give your MOH and anyone else involved in the planning, you know that not a single detail will be left to chance. 

Tenacious Tina:

When it comes to chilled-out brides, you take the cake! You want the most chill day possible, with as little effort as possible.

Why TBM is Perfect for You: The Bridal Method is like having your own personal wedding planner by your side. You can be as pedantic or relaxed as you wish, but all the hard stuff has already been taken care of and the step-by-step instructions, checklists, and lists will give you everything you need for a perfect day.

Play it Cool Christina:

You tend to get incredibly stressed out, over even the smallest details, and struggle to figure out what the next step should be. 

Why TBM is Perfect for You: With an entire section dedicated to mindset and support, as well as a straightforward, methodical approach, I’ve got you covered! The Bridal Method will take you step-by-step through the planning process, helping you stay calm and in control at all times.

Stressed Out Sally:

You are holding down multiple jobs or businesses, maybe have kiddos scrambling around your feet at all times, but still want to have your dream wedding day. You just feel like adding more things to your plate feels impossible at the moment! 

Why TBM is Perfect for You: The Bridal Method takes the guesswork out of planning your wedding to empower you to control your wedding day at your own pace. Since it’s self-led, you can go through as quickly or as slowly as you wish, but you’ll never have to guess what comes next.

Busy Becky:

Learn more about Kimberly

I’ve got the “I do’s” and “I don’ts” of wedding planning figured out. 

Simply put, I’m a professional planner. And I’m going to teach you my wedding
planning ways. I’ve spent 10 years perfecting my methods and now, I’m ready to share with every couple out there! 

Near, far, whatever your budget—you can now have my experience, aka my wedding planning superpowers right beside you every step of the way. I know not everyone can afford a planner, weddings are freaking expensive. But I don’t think that should be a barrier between you and your dream day. You’re going to follow the same process I take my clients through, and I will talk to you through the pages of this epic resource and lead the way. 

My present to you with TBM is peace of mind, clarity, and the power to plan the wedding you’ve dreamed of!
Are you ready for it? I’ll be sipping bubbly waiting for you to join in on the fun… 

I’m sharing mine so you can perfect your big day with ultimate ease and confidence.

Wedding Planning Superpowers Don’t Come Naturally—They Come with Experience.

It’s time to get excited AF for your wedding planning journey—because this is the moment it allll starts to change for you (in a good way).


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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve provided a printable/editable course outline for you to start your Bridal Method bible, so to speak. The choice is yours, but you don’t need a printer. You could print all the sheets and create your own binder, or just edit the course along the way on your computer or tablet and keep everything digital. Whatever works best for you, girl!


Forever, girl….but let’s hope you don’t need it that long! TBM is a digital download, once you purchase you will have your own copy sitting pretty on your desktop for the duration of your planning.

How long do I have access to The Bridal Method?

Yes! The more you get into the planning the more help you will probably realize you need. This course takes you all the way to your wedding day – wherever in the journey you are starting from to help you with planning details you might not have thought about like creating your ceremony processional, floor plan ideas, timelines, running rehearsals, and my favorite… the final walkthrough! My 10-year experience has taught me that there are so many details that brides tend to overlook in their excitement and only realize much later that they need help.


This is such a great question! The number one thing is that there isn’t anything exactly like this out there at this time. The Bridal Method offers 16 sections of juicy content that is packed with all the detail I could pull out of my planner brain. My resource really dives into the nitty gritty of planning with so much detail and guidance.

I have given newly engaged couples access to my entire planning process from beginning to end, step-by-step to eliminate overwhelm and confusion. I don’t just focus on the main vendors to book, I delve into all the smaller details like creating floor plans and air tight timelines, creating ceremony processionals, how to avoid bridal party and mother of the bride drama, and literally so much more.I thought about all of the details that my clients deal with when planning and included it. Continue Reading

What makes you different from any other planning resources?

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Plus, I am a professional wedding planner by trade. I do this literally every single day. Some of the templates and guides you’ll find searching Google are not written by planners. And this scares the heck out of me for all the brides out there because they can sometimes do more harm than good based upon what I’ve seen.

Large wedding sites do not provide cohesive planning. It’s a mix of a million ways you could plan your wedding and it gets so darn confusing! I’ve gotten a lot of clients because of this honestly, they get overwhelmed by what they find online and need help. So now, that help is packaged into The Bridal Method. TBM is written in a way that you can easily follow along and plan in steps outlined by one person, so you aren’t getting a mix of information and timelines are crystal clear. 

What makes you different from any other planning resources? Cont.

Weekly support via the exclusive TBM Facebook Group

years of advice, budget tips, professional guidance


Editable budget, guest, vendor and wedding party tracker



planning modules


This all-in-one digital course shares all my tried and true templates, checklists, and tips to plan your wedding step-by-step without overwhelm.

Let’s talk pricing, babe!

"This is your day. This is the time to go after it all."

You won’t find this resource anywhere else. You know how I know this? It’s my personal method that I created 10 years ago. It is the foundation of my 5-star reviewed wedding planning business and it has helped over 240 couples and counting go from engaged to I DO. Now, I am going to share it with you for the first time ever. 

Once you purchase TBM you will receive an email with instructions along with your digital download and templates so you can get started right away!
Get ready to be armed with my no B.S. A-Z wedding planning experience that is going to put your planning on auto-pilot. I’m freaking pumped to help you go from no clue to I do!! Cue happy dance and champagne popping 🥂… Because your time to become a TBM Bride is NOW!


All of the above for the cost of less than a bouquet….
 TBM is ringing in at $179.00
4 monthly payments of $44.75

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