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wedding planning resource. Plan your wedding like a pro taught by a pro

  • Plan your wedding with one main resource Never wonder what to do next
  • Reduce the countless hours spent researching Saving you time
  • Get professional guidance without the professional costs Saving you money
  • Eliminate the confusion that often comes with planning a wedding Making you feel confident
  • Actionable tips, hacks, & strategies Plan your perfect wedding
  • 100% digital course so you can plan anytime from anywhere Making your planning easier than ever

“SUPERLATIVE. That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Kimberly. She helped plan and design the most beautiful wedding I could ever imagine. There was not a day where I felt stressed or overwhelmed. I felt that I had someone with me who cared about my wedding just as much as me. Kimberly is a wedding guru who never stops working to make your dreams come true.”


My goal is to empower you to have full control over your big day, plan with less stress and have the confidence that you’ve got everything covered and you are ready to rock out your wedding day!


Let me answer that. Honestly, babe, a lot of couples can’t tell the difference….

Did you know that the average couple spends over 500 hours—no exaggeration—planning their wedding. Did you just gasp and start to feverishly block time on your calendar? You’re not alone. Wedding planning can literally become a new part-time job if you don’t do it right. 

But, you don’t have to spend your life Googling “how to plan my wedding” over and over again. I’ve got you, babe. 

I’m going to be your on-the-job trainer and mentor you, so you can learn from me how to plan a freaking awesome wedding-minimal Google searching required. 

Remember, knowledge is power, babe. And I’m going to give you ALL the knowledge you need to have the power to plan your wedding like a pro! Let’s do the damn thing.

here’s what you can expect from
the bridal method

Tons of fun interactive content that will help you visualize your big day. You won’t have to read a book, that’s not what weddings are all about.

NO overwhelming details – I keep it straight and to the point, simplified for the everyday bride who has a day job that isn’t wedding planning.

Juicy checklist and flow charts, I’ll give you all the same resources I use with my couples to plan their wedding.

Professional tips and cost-saving ideas and so much more……

YES! I want THIS!

Rated 5/5 By 100s of Happy Clients


  • Getting organized for the planning ahead of you- the same way I prep my clients.
  • Customizable wedding budget, guest list tracker, wedding party, and vendor organization template.
  • Booking your perfect venue with an extensive checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing.
  • How to design your wedding in just a few steps with all the fun
    checklist and tips that will help you design to impress.
  • A checklist for your final walkthrough-the same one I use with my

And much more…


You are a little edgy or consider yourself someone that wants to do this your way.

You want an easy step-by-step planning guide from one person.

You are looking to avoid countless hours of researching online.

You wanted a planner but just can’t fit it in your budget.

You want to do it alone but want to make sure you make all the right decisions.

YES! I want THIS!

Rated 5/5 By 100s of Happy Clients

Check out what my clients
have to say

“Kimberly is quite possibly the sole reason I was actually able to get a wedding a together. I started planning and one hour in I was overwhelmed. I was lucky to find her and she truly made my day everything I didn’t even know I wanted. I didn’t have a strict vision but she was able to use my ideas and create the most perfect day to celebrate. I would recommend her a thousand times over. she is organized, professional and will make sure the day is perfect and you as the bride are stress free!”


Kimberly does not let any single detail go unfinished or untouched. She thinks of everything, she thinks of things you wouldn’t even know to think of. This is how detail-oriented she is and she is super organized. She walks you through this intimidating process and makes it easy and fun. She is an absolute professional in her field. Our wedding day was PERFECT. The day ran so smoothly, perfectly, without a hitch! Hands downs. She is INCREDIABLE!!!


Kimberly is a bad ass boss lady who I knew would guide me through the entire planning process. She is organized beyond anything I ever imagined. Every question I thought of, she was three steps ahead of me and knew exactly what I needed. This woman is also so respected in the industry. I can’t tell you how many times I would speak to vendors and tell them I had Kim as our planner and every single one would say “I love Kim. You’re in great hands. Our wedding was an absolute dream thanks to Kim. She is a Perfectionist with a capital P and works so unbelievably hard to make sure everything is perfect. 



With The Bridal Method, you’ll gain access to:

  • This 250+ page digital course with all my templates, checklists, and tips to plan your wedding step-by-step.
    A $5,800+ VALUE! (Yes, people pay me this to plan their big day)
  • 60+ professionally curated color boards to inspire your design
    A $400.00 VALUE!

That’s over $6,200+ in value—and you get it all for only $179.00.

Can I get a HELL YEAH!?

I want you to put those savings right back into your big day. Let’s upgrade that champagne toast or get the band you’ve been dreaming of babe!

Cheers to planning YOUR day, YOUR way with ease and excitement! 

That’s what you’ll get with The Bridal Method on your side.


Would I need to do everything myself if I use this guide?

Only if you want to! However, in the guide I also show you how to choose an events manager to assist you on the big day, because let’s face it, if you’ve invested in this course and are about to spend months planning every tiny little detail of your big day, you’re going to want someone who would be responsible for executing everything and making sure your vision is carried out on the day of your event.

My family is very traditional – is this course suitable for a conventional wedding?

I am and always will be, an “unconventional” wedding planner. If you’re looking for proper wedding etiquette and want to follow all the old wedding planning rules, this course may not be for you. My philosophy has always been to encourage my clients to do what they want to do. I don’t want you to get more confused by all the “must-follow” etiquette rolling around out there if that isn’t what you want. Throughout this course, I will remind you to take the reins, plan with confidence that each decision you make is the right one for you. Remember…this isn’t your mother’s wedding.  

Do I need a printer to use the checklists and forms?

I’ve provided a printable/editable course outline for you to start your Bridal Method bible, so to speak. The choice is yours, but you don’t need a printer. You could print all the sheets and create your own binder, or just edit the course along the way on your computer or tablet and keep everything digital. Whatever works best for you, girl!

I’ve been planning for a few months and have a few details checked off my list-can the bridal method still help?

Yes! The more you get into the planning the more help you will probably realize you need. This course takes you all the way to your wedding day – wherever in the journey you are starting from to help you with planning details you might not have thought about like creating your ceremony processional, floor plan ideas, timelines, running rehearsals, and my favorite… the final walkthrough! My 10-year experience has taught me that there are so many details that brides tend to overlook in their excitement and only realize much later that they need help.

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