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Wondering how someone could fall into planning weddings for a living?

Owner & Founder of Kimberly Hensley Events, and most recently, Creator of The Bridal Method! I’m an unapologetic perfectionist, Florida girl, dog mom, and champagne brunch lover. But most of all, I’m a pro wedding planner extraordinaire who is going to help you plan your big day without a hitch.

I’m Kimberly! 

Hey there,

 It took over a year of brain dumping, perfecting, and design, but it’s all of my knowledge packaged up and I can’t wait to share it with you. TBM has been the ultimate passion project because I’m so excited to be able to help even more couples walk down the aisle without all the stress and nonsense that’s on the internet these days.

So, over my 10+ years running Kimberly Hensley Events, I’ve learned a thing or two (okay, or a million and one things). And after talking with so many overwhelmed brides that couldn’t necessarily afford my planning prices, or simply didn’t want a planner but needed help, the idea sparked for The Bridal Method.

You dream up the big day you’ve always imagined, and I’ll show you how to make it happen.

Well, this may surprise you, but I actually started in finance at a desk job, and it was so not for me. No offense if that is what you do for a living—girl, more power to you if it is. But for me, I couldn’t do it. So, not settling, I thought back to what inspired me most. And honestly, it was my mom and the parties she planned when I was a kid! I have such special memories of her hosting special occasions and me being her trusty helper, watching in awe as she flawlessly navigated the event day with vendor setup, decorations, etc. With that in mind, I dove into the world of entrepreneurship to follow the passion for events my mom instilled in me. And I am SO dang happy I did.

From Corporate America to Creative Entrepreneur.

Where I Started

I make a killer

Buffalo chicken dip

If I had any other career choice it would be

Home Organizer

Favorite type of TV Shows/Movies

Thrillers & Dramas... obsessed!

Something most people don’t know about me

I wanted to be a New York Broadway Dancer

My pet obsession is

Dogs (but I love all animals)

Favorite Cocktail


Fun Facts About Me!

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Soak up all the wedding planning know-how that will allow you to advocate for yourself, decide what you want, and plan with ease.

Navigate the crazy world of wedding planning with my simple, tried and true, step-by-step wedding planning process. Literally, I’ve given you every resource I use with my clients!

Go from a newbie bride to an empowered and confident badass bride who gets everything you want from your big day.

I’m here to help you…

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