You can be as Type A as they come… but if you’ve never planned a wedding before, you really don't know what actually needs to be planned, organized, or checked off. It can be totally overwhelming.

From budgets to guest lists, vendors to seating charts—it’s a lot to manage, until now! I'm giving couples access to my favorite planning spreadsheets that I use on the daily with my clients. You'll be able to get organized like a professional planner would with these tools. 

it's how organized you are

There is one special key to ensuring your wedding day goes perfectly…

I Have a Lil' Secret for You...

This epic Google Sheet has 16+ tabs of planning goodness.

It will help you identify what to do during each month of planning, allow you to customize checklists for all the itty bitty details, ensure you’re budgeting like a pro, and more. I’ve even sprinkled in pro tips throughout, so you can plan like a pro without having to hire one (y’all I get it, it’s expensive!). 

I think everyone deserves an easy & fun wedding planning experience. So, that’s why I created this all-in-one template that houses every single planning sheet I use with my own clients.

You even get to pick your spreadsheet color at checkout! Choose from Blue, Green, Tan, and Pink/Orange. They are so pretty!!

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Introducing The Bridal Method’s

All-in-One Wedding Planning Template

This is your hub! From your live wedding day countdown to budget snapshots to guest list updates and payment reminders, you have a bird’s eye view of your planning to-dos and progress! Plus, you can customize with your wedding colors or engagement photo which is super fun. I use this with my clients and when I say it’s a lifesaver, I mean it!

Your Dashboard

From engagement to the wedding day, the annual calendar tells you exactly what you should be doing and when. And of course, pro tips peppered in throughout! 

Annual Planning Calendar

This all-in-one budget template allows you to prioritize your purchases, remember the most commonly forgotten expenses, and keep track of what’s been paid/ what needs to be paid. Plus, you’ll get tons of expert budgeting tips AND upcoming 30-day payment reminders on your dashboard!

Budget Tracker

When it comes to guests, you have to track more than their RSVPs! This sheet allows you to do that, plus track their meal choice, gifts for thank you cards, seating arrangements, and more—all in one place.

Guest List Tracker

A lot of couples forget about planning the ceremony amidst all the reception planning craziness. This tool organizes your processional and recessional and allows you to organize and track all your music selections and traditions in one place. Plus, I share some ideas for what to do if you’re stuck!

Ceremony Outline Tool

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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside -

Making your wedding day timeline can feel super overwhelming. So, I created three example timelines: One without a first look, one with a first look, and a master timeline example. Then, you have the mac daddy of day-of templates (two of them) you can fill in with your special day deets!


Wedding Day Timeline Templates

Now when you create the timeline to share, it goes hand-in-hand with your contacts! This template will allow you to have all your vendor contact details in one place to distribute, so you can sit back and relax on your big day and let the planner or your wedding party take the reins!


Day Of Master Contact Template

According to Wedding Wire, the average couple hires 15 vendors for their wedding! That’s a lot to manage. Keep track of your main contact for each team, day of contacts, contracts, and phone numbers all in one spot!


Vendor Tracker

No matter how many vendors you are hiring, you need to compare them. This tab will help you compare costs, pros and cons, what’s included, and more. The goal is to visualize everything in one area so you can make a clear decision!


Vendor/ Venue Comparison Sheet

Are you throwing other events like a brunch, welcome party, rehearsal dinner? Not everyone plans for these events so, Instead of overwhelming you with a ton of tabs you might not need, I made the honeymoon budget VERSATILE. If you need to budget for these events, you can duplicate the honeymoon budget tab, change the name and start budgeting for these events. 


Optional Budget Tabs

We love your wedding party, but it can be like herding cats with all the excitement going around! This sheet will help you keep track of who’s gotten their attire, who is getting hair/ makeup done, whether or not you purchased their bridal party gift, and more.


Wedding Party Tracker

This tab is a fun one… because you don’t have to do a darn thing. The info from your guest tracker will populate table assignments and meal choices automatically so you can simply hand it over to your caterer. Easy peasy!


Seating Chart Template

Every dream wedding starts with a list of your favorite ideas. This is your vision board of sorts with a few bonus features like pricing. Keep all your must-haves in one place as you plan!


Idea List

You don’t want to be getting ready and realize you forgot your shoes or your bridesmaids’ gifts. The packing list will help you track what you need and if it’s already packed and ready to go (and where you can find it), or still needs to be packed!


Wedding Packing List

Now… the fun doesn’t stop at the wedding. If you’re jetting off the morning after your big day, you’re likely planning a honeymoon too! These two bonus tabs will help you plan, budget, and organize the trip of your lives.


Honeymoon Planner & Template

 I’ve given you everything I’ve got to keep you organized, on track, and fully confident that you won’t miss a thing. 

If you haven’t figured it out by now, organization is the single most important part of planning your wedding.

Also Included:

Inside this 5 page pdf guide, I'll walk you through my step-by-step process to create your wedding day timeline. I break down all the vendors you need to consult to build your timeline, what you need to ask them, what goes in a timeline, and vendor distribution. Grab your spreadsheet timeline template and the guide to create your own timeline in no time!

Let's avoid being late to our ceremony, shall we?




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