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These select checklists and sections of the course are specifically for the brides that have done most of their planning, are nearing the end, and just want to make sure they’ve got allll their bouquets in a row! 😉 

These juicy guides will help you get down the aisle, confident you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Get ready to kick back, relax, and enjoy that newlywed bliss, knowing you’re about to have the best damn day EVER!

All of these guides come with access to The Bridal Method Facebook Group. Come hang with me and learn more about wedding planning! Have a wedding dilemma? Ask away. Tired of googling all your questions...I'm here to answer them for you. I can't wait to meet you inside the group!

I got you, girl.

Think you’re finished planning, but want to be extra sure with some all-encompassing checklists from a wedding planning pro?

• Walkthrough Guide
•Walkthrough Checklist

What’s Included:

Having a formal final walkthrough is an essential part of wrapping up all the details for your big day. This checklist is what I use with my planning clients to keep track of the planning details and ensuring we don’t miss a beat. You will feel SO good after this meeting knowing that you’re in control with everything checked off and organized like the badass bride you are!

Final Walkthrough Guide


Want a pair as perfect as the two of you?
The Walkthrough Checklist & Guide goes great with The Finish Line Guide

Timeline Guide


• Timeline Guide
• Example Timeline 
• Editable Timeline to Customize Your Wedding Day Timeline

What’s Included:

Let me start off by saying your day is only going to be as good as you planned it to be. The flowers are gorgeous, your design is perfect, and you hired your dream photographer. Woo! But, I’m going to be honest here, none of that will matter if you don’t have a timeline that flows! Keep your day on track (and give it to someone else to manage the day of when you’re done) with this must-have timeline checklist.

• Stalking Down Those Final RSVP's
• Guide to Seating Your Guests 
• Wrapping It Up with Your Vendors-Make Sure They Don't Miss a Detail
• How to Run Your Rehearsal Like a Boss 

What’s Included:

If you didn’t hire an event manager, you are going to want this because you are about to embark on a journey filled with a shit ton of emails, work, and calls. The Finish Line guide is here to give you all the quick tips, guidance, and suggestions you need to wrap up your wedding planning without a ton of extra work. This goes great with the final walkthrough checklist!

Finish Line Guide


This guide pairs great with The Walkthrough Guide & Checklist

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These items are carefully curated by yours truly! They’re some of my favorite wedding things from over the years that I think will be useful for you. Browsing is best paired with a lil’ bubbly. Cheers, babe!

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