How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Day Getting Ready Locations

When it comes to planning your wedding day there are SO many things to consider. It can feel overwhelming, right? One thing I see a lot of couples forget about in the whirlwind of planning is where they’re going to get ready. Seems crazy, but more often than not this super important detail is left till the last minute, and then options are limited. So, I recommend adding wedding day getting ready locations to your checklist of wedding to-do’s so you can start your big day off right, exactly how you envision it.

Here are all the tips and tricks you’ll need to find the perfect getting-ready locations for both bride and groom—let’s dive in!

Types of Locations for Bride & Groom to Get Ready

When it comes to where to get ready for the wedding there are a few standard options including:


If you’re getting married in your hometown or where you live currently, you’ll likely have a place to get ready built-in, whether that’s your apartment or your family’s home. If you’re lucky, you each have a house you can borrow for getting ready. This is one way some couples like to save money if it’s an option because you’re not paying for your wedding day getting ready locations.

Rental Properties (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)

If you’re having a destination wedding, don’t have enough space at home, or simply want to splurge on something a little fancy to pop that bubbly and add to the ambiance of your big day, rental properties are great options. Search sites like Airbnb or VRBO for options in your wedding locale!

Hotel Rooms & Suites

One convenient option for getting ready is a hotel where you’ve booked your hotel block. But, for the bride tribe, you’re going to want to book a suite. Even better if it’s a hospitality suite with a ton of space and a wet bar, so you can spread out and have enough space for hair and makeup. For the guys, they’re a little more low maintenance and a hotel room or adjoining rooms should be sufficient if you can’t get a suite for both him and her.

What to Consider When Choosing Getting Ready Locations for Your Wedding Day

Not sure which option will work best for your crew? Totally fine! Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when choosing getting-ready locations. Remember, you’ll be popping bubbly, getting the party started, and making memories, so it’s an important part of your day. It’s where the celebration and memory-making begins!

Size of Your Bridal Party

Remember how many people you’re going to need to host while getting ready. You don’t want a bridal party with 10 people getting ready in a shoebox-sized hotel room. But if it’s just you and your MOH, that could totally be enough space! If you’re welcoming vendors like hair and makeup, videographer, or photographers you’re going to want to factor them in with all the equipment they’re bringing too. The last thing you want is everyone crawling all over each other all morning. Give yourself space to breathe, girl. You’re going to want that to start your day off on a relaxed note!

Location of the Wedding

If the wedding is in a more remote area, you may have limited options for hotels, but lots of cozy mountain lodges or glam casita retreats—check out Airbnb for rental options in this case! Similarly, if you’re in a big city like New York, hotel prices may get crazy for multiple rooms, so rental properties may be more affordable. But, if you’re getting married at a gorgeous resort with rooms on-site, it is super convenient to get ready steps from the ceremony site!

What Vibe You Want

Houses tend to have a bit more of a cozy, laid-back wedding morning vibe, whereas hotels with mimosas delivered to the room can make you feel extra glam for an elevated start to the celebrations. You do you, girlfriend!

Wedding Weekend Schedule

If hair and makeup starts at 8:00 a.m., you’re going to have to rent the house or book the room the night before to ensure you have access for the big day. Sometimes this increases the cost, but it totally decreases the stress. Similarly, if you’re hosting at a golf resort with pre-wedding rounds, you’re going to want to be on-site to avoid additional transportation to keep things on schedule.

Insta-worthy Locations

You’re going to cherish the pictures of your wedding day for the rest of your life. Don’t you want them to be pretty!? Your getting ready location should have lots of natural light for glowing skin in all your photos, and even better if it’s got a fun personality that goes with the vibe and style of your big day.

Want More Wedding Planning Tips from a Pro?

I hope these tips and tricks have provided you with some inspiration for choosing wedding day getting ready locations for both bride and groom! If you’re in search of more wedding tips to make your planning less overwhelming and more easy-breezy, stress-free, I’ve got what you need.

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